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Key-Facts, March 2021:

So far over 150 tons of food distributed

Helped 12.000 families That corresponds to approx. 120.000 people

6 orphanages regularly supplied with food

With hard-working helpers on site, whom we would also like to thank her

Happy birthday Food4Kenya

Together we can make a major difference for many people past the first year.

 Thank you so much…

Even after the first lockdown, the consequences of the corona pandemic are everywhere. This particularly affects the poorest of the poor. So we want to continue to help.

Together we can !

Every Donation Helps – even a small amount can make a big difference in Kenya, and mean the world to a hungry child, mom or father.    Please, help us help. 

To prevent hunger and starvation among the children, women and men of Kenya caused by the Corona restrictions.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.

We need your help, please.

Due to the social restrictions to prevent the corona pandemic to spread in Kenia many people are  not able to earn their living to put food on the table at least once a day. Hunger is spreading among families. Families which usually never needed any help and lived a peaceful, humble, joyful life.

But now family fathers look desperately for finding money for food during the day.

Uncountable children, women and men did not eat today – nor tomorrow. To still their hunger and to prevent starvation, we ask for your help, please.

Food4Kenya brings food quickly and directly to hungry families and orphans.

We guarantee that any donation will be turned into food directly to help.

The whole Food4Kenya – project is built and run by volunteers. No one wants to ear money, all want to help.Help for families – children, mothers, fathers, elders and disabled one. They need our help.

Thanks to your donations we were able to help over 108,000 Kenyans with food supply. Thank you. 

Yet, still many, especially orphans suffer hunger – because of the global ciris donations stopped being sent to orphan homes. 

We can help – if you help us with your donation, please. 

On our YouTube-Channel, Food4Kenya, we posted every food distribution since March April 2020, so that each donor can see, that EACH DONATION HELPS, directly and quickly. 

Call for donations

We can move much with your help

Thank you so much

How to help?

Our Website is under construction at the moment.

We will give you an option as soon as possible.

Donate with Paypal

We created a PayPal account for your donation to support Food4Kenya. This way a secure, comfortable and most of all quick donation money transfer is given, so that your donation can reach the hungry people of Kenya as fast as possible by our cooperative CBO team in Kenya.

With this PayPal link you can choose to pay via PayPal from your account or via credit card.
You will receive a donation receipt shortly after.

In case you should experience technical problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@food4kenya.org

Follow us. We will give updates about our work and the situation in Kenya. 

Our Team

Ulrich Böld

Project Manager

+254 79 8414 281


Raphael Gichuhi Wanjiku

Chairperson Care4Kenya CBO

+254 702 2829 721


Kathrin Lindner

Contact Germany

+49 171 7166482